Give a boost to the Do X

Give a boost to the Do X
Give a boost to the Do X

One of Germany’s greatest technical cultural assets, Dornier’s large airship Do X, is to become a reality again. And it shall be a fully walk-in static replica (not capable of flying or floating).

For this rebuild of the Do X we are looking for donors and sponsors to help us to rebuild the Do X. Support the rebuild and become part of this worldwide respected project for the reconstruction of the Do X.

The preliminary work is done, the construction drawings are available again, and the rebuild will be carried out by volunteer members of the Do X association.

Your support will be used to procure materials for the build and to manufacture components for the overall build-up of the Do X.

If you decide to make a donation, please use the following donation template or transfer directly to our bank account: FREUNDES- UND FÖRDERKREIS DO X E.V.; IBAN: DE91 6519 1500 0236 3280 00; BIC: GENODES1TET; Purpose: DO X Rebuild (Please include your address/email for sending the donation receipt).

Yor will receive for your donation a relevant donation receipt and you will receive annual information about the development of the Do X replica. Upon request, we will name you as a donor on a donation board in the area of the Do X rebuild and on our website.

You can also become a sponsor for our project. If you are interested in becoming a sponsor for the Do X project, which is sure to receive worldwide attention, please contact us using the following contact form. We will then send you information about your possibilities as a sponsor.

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